Let’s build a future of Education
that works for everyone.
Better Bigger Faster

We are Building to Grow!!

EdTech SaaS

We're on a mission to make Education easier and Enjoyable that works for everyone. We Build One stop software solution For Educational Institutions and For Students-Parents.

Professional Training

We’re on a mission to unlock opportunity for Indian workforce. We Build best Career opportunities through our Professional Training programs, helps College Students and Industry Professions.

Our products and solutions have touched the lives of thousands of India’s
private-school going children.

50000 +
50 +
1000 +

Achievement within reach

At Fourcup, we believe that technology has the potential to transform what’s possible in education. Personalizing learning for the world has been our mission since 2018. From performance to price, the status quo just isn’t good enough. We dare to do more: Design the best adaptive technology that delivers lasting impact to put achievement within reach for all. Knewton is for everyone. But above all, it’s for you.

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